Your (Outdoor) Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has officially arrived! While most people focus on the inside of their homes when taking part in their annual spring cleaning chores, it is always a good idea to de-winterize the outside of your home in preparation for the start of a new season as well.

Here are some important outdoor maintenance projects to include on your outdoor spring cleaning checklist.

Window Cleaning
Spring in Orange County is a wonderful time to look out your windows and enjoy the blooming flowers. But that can be hard to do if you are looking through layers of grit and grime that have accumulated over the last several months.

Now is a great time to call your local handyman and have them come out and do a deep clean on the outside of your windows.  If you want to tackle this outdoor spring cleaning agenda item on your own, you can make your own cleaning solution by mixing half water and half white vinegar. Then, grab a squeegee and get started. To keep your widows sparkling after your deep clean, try using crumpled up newspapers on dry windows to retain their gleam.

Gutter Upkeep
While California may be experiencing a drought, there were definitely some days of downpour this winter. Now that spring has sprung it’s a good time to see what kind of havoc that rain may have wreaked on your gutters. If you’re lucky, you can simply inspect the gutters visibly to see if there are any blockages and remove as needed.

For larger projects, an Orange County handyman can easily be called out to remove large debris and blockages caused by winter storms. A handyman can also repair any leaky gutters that could cause an issue down the road.

Roof Repairs
Just like your gutters may have taken a beating due to past storms, your roof may have also suffered damage and be in need of repair.  Now that the weather is nice and clear, it is the time to head up to the roof for an inspection of the shingles. Some shingles may just need a little extra roofing cement, while others may be missing and in need of replacement. Pay special attention to the areas around vents and openings, as those are prone to leaks.

Driveway Repair
While spring is known as the season of growing, things shouldn’t be growing up in your driveway. If your driveway is cracked you may have noticed weeds growing in between the cracks. In addition to removing any weeds and grasses that have grown in, a thorough cleaning of the area will be needed.

The next step is to repair any cracks or holes. Your local handyman can provide these services using a pressure washer, as well as restore the damage to the concrete with a concrete resurfacing machine.

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