Is It Worth It: Installing Solar Panels for Your Home

Home energy rates have been steadily increasing since the 2000 energy crisis. As we become more reliant on electrical devices, our energy consumption is also likely to increase. If your home is already consuming a lot of energy, installing solar panels can be a great way to solve at least some of your mounting energy bills.

Depending on your needs, some systems can lower your bill by as much as 80%. These savings will pay off the cost of the solar panels and their installation. California’s sunny climate ensures that your solar panels will be more effective and able to supply much of your daytime energy needs. Additionally, California does support Net Energy Metering (NEM); allowing households to sell excess energy to the grid.

Battery technology is also becoming more advanced. As more efficient batteries are being made, it becomes possible to store more solar energy. This means that even at night you will be able to use the energy produced by your solar panels and further reduce your reliance on the grid for power.  

Solar panels are also getting cheaper, allowing for lower costs in installation. This makes it easier to reach the break-even point and actually benefit from the savings from the lowered energy bill. Financing options also make the costs more affordable.

Other than thinking of the immediate savings and possible income, it is also good to think of solar panels as an investment.

Other Benefits of Solar Panels:

  • Protection from rising energy prices – While you will still see an effect on your electricity bill, it will not be as drastic since you will only consume electricity from the grid at night. With your lower reliance on the grid, the savings can be enormous over time.


  • Increased property value – Other than energy savings, solar panels have been known to increase the property values of homes, especially in California. If you do decide to sell your house, the increase in value is often enough to cover the up-front cost of your solar energy system.
  • Lower carbon foot print – Not only are you saving on your electricity bills, moving to solar energy also helps the environment. Solar energy is a clean and renewable resource. A ready supply of cheap electricity means that it is a good idea to switch to electric heaters and electric cars – further lowering your carbon footprint and fuel costs.

For more information on solar energy, the state of California does have a helpful site: Go Solar California. This includes an FAQ, documentation, and events calendar for education and workshops on solar electricity.

If you decide that solar power is right for you, then HandyCrew can assist you. Our dedication to customer satisfaction means that we will manage your project from start to finish. From planning and design, to permit application, and other regulatory requirements, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our commitment to service and reliability to the residents and business owners of Orange County, California ensures that switching to solar energy is affordable and as easy as possible.

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