When & How to Hire a Handyman

Considering hiring a handyman? Here’s what you need to know!

A handyman is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a really handy man (or woman) to have around your home when you have something minor that needs to be fixed, repaired, or just taken care of. Handymen have been known to do everything from assembling furniture to hanging outdoor holiday decorations.

Unlike a general contractor, who is usually hired for larger projects that require multiple experts and phases to complete, a handyman is perfect for jobs that are smaller and simpler, but either slightly too complex or time-consuming for your average person to complete. They are paid by the hour rather than by the project, so you can conveniently have them tackle a number of issues in your home in one visit.

Some tasks that are perfect for hiring a handyman to complete include the following:

  • Painting and Basic Wall Repair – Some small scuffs or holes that need to be repaired, or a wall or two that need to be repainted. Major wall or structural damage, or repainting an entire home, would not be suitable for a handyman.
  • Exterior Home Repairs or Cleaning – Loose or missing shingles or siding, loose or dirty gutters, or dirty windows. Re-roofing an entire home would not be suitable for a handyman.
  • Basic Home Repairs or Installations – Hanging new windows, or installing new light fixtures. While you could do these tasks yourself, a handyman can do them for you if you don’t have the time, tools, or desire to do it yourself.
  • Porch and Deck Repairs – Loose or broken boards, aging sealing, loose hand rails, and other aesthetic or safety improvements.

Ready to hire a handyman? Here are some useful tips:

  • Make a List – Go around your home and make a list of everything that you’ll want the handyman to do. Remember that handymen are usually hired by the hour rather than by the job. Making a list will ensure that while he is there he can address all of your issues in one shot, and that you know roughly how long you will need him for.
  • Interview a Few Potential Handymen – Go online or through word of mouth in your neighborhood and find a few local handymen who you think seem like good options based on reviews and listed experience. Contact these potential handymen and talk to each of them about your needs to make sure they can complete your tasks. Remember that this person will be in your home, so you will want to feel comfortable with whoever you end up hiring.

Be aware of scams. Never pay a handyman upfront or electronically before the work is completed. It’s also a good idea to ask about guarantees. Some handymen will guarantee their work for a period of time, which can be beneficial and save you money in the event of an issue with the work.

  • Make a Contract – When you finally select a handyman, write up a quick and basic contract that outlines the tasks to be completed, the timeframe for completion, the cost, and the payment schedule. Make sure you both sign the document to make it legally binding.
  • Inspect Before Paying – After the work has been done, it is your responsibility to inspect the work done and make sure it has been completed and completed correctly. Do this before paying the handyman.

Hiring a handyman can be a great way to get a lot of minor home repair tasks completed in one day for a reasonable cost.

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