We’re Furniture Refinishing Orange County Home by Home!

Furniture can be an expensive investment so when it stains, breaks, or starts to look dingy; it’s a huge disappointment. With the amazing furniture refinishing Orange County that OC HandyCrew Services has to offer, however, many homeowners are bringing their furniture back to life instead of throwing it away. Refinishing furniture can be one of the best and most inexpensive ways to give a room a completely fresh and new feel.

Here at OC HandyCrew Services, we’re committed to helping all our clients save beautiful furniture pieces by furniture refinishing Orange County residents’ beloved chairs, tables, armoires, and more. Do you have furniture that’s broken, scratched, stained, or looking dull? Here are three reasons you should give us a call and look into getting it refinished instead of replaced.

It’ll save you money. Furniture is pricey and it can be a hassle to shop for and deliver to your home. If you already have your home accessorized with the perfect pieces, you should hold onto those pieces as long as you possibly can. Refinishing the surface of the furniture breathes new life into it and adds many years of enjoyment.

It’ll restore your room. When we start furniture refinishing Orange County homes, the homeowners are always impressed with how different the entire room looks when the job is complete. A surface refinish on furniture can give it a deep glow and a new rich color. Shiny furniture makes an entire room also look brand new and many homeowners feel like their interior design has been transformed.

It’ll save your sentimental pieces. Many families have pieces of furniture that are passed down through generations. If the furniture hasn’t had a quality refinishing service performed, it can look old and tired. However, after the OC HandyCrew Services refinishing experts get their hands on it, the furniture looks gorgeous and new. The antique characteristics and sentimental value won’t change, but the scratches, wear, and signs of aging completely disappear.

We proudly serve Huntington Beach, Lake Forest, Sunset Beach, and many surrounding areas. If you’re interested in furniture refinishing Orange County, give OC HandyCrew Services a call today!

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They are amazing! One stop shop for all my business needs. They take care of it all!

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Professional, Clean, Friendly and Always Available. I can trust these guys

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Hard to find a good handyman in orange county. HandyCrew is truly great, kind, friendly and priced well!

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They had really great service, such nice people and they were easy to work with. Got the job done with no delays!

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