Wallpaper vs. Indoor Painting

Are the interior walls of your home in need of an update? Tired of boring eggshell white? Ready to spice it up with a new color or even a daring new pattern? If you haven’t updated the interior of your home in a while, you might be surprised to learn that wallpaper is once again trending in popularity. But before you start to think about the harvest gold colors and gaudy prints of yesteryear, you should know that the wallpaper of today comes in a wide variety of up-to-date, vibrant colors and styles.

But, homeowners who are ready for a change should put some time into deciding whether they want to update their walls with indoor paint or with wallpaper. Each application is very different and depending on how much you want to spend, how much time you have and how long you expect to keep it, may affect your choice.


Before you decide how to treat your walls, its important to look at what is already there. If you currently have wallpaper on your walls, it will need to be removed prior to updating with new wallpaper or with a new coat of indoor paint. Removing wallpaper can cause damage and require fixing before new paper or paint can be applied.

This is important to note for later if you are adding wallpaper but might not want it for the long term. If you are painting over a damaged wall, spackling and adding a coat of primer may be needed to correct the damage.

If your walls are bare and you choose the indoor paint option, it’s as simple as painting with a base layer of primer and then painting over with your chosen color.


Wallpaper can be a highly durable choice for homeowners looking to update their walls. Since wallpaper is once again in vogue, there are a range of different types to choose from such as vinyl and gloss. Wallpaper does a better job than indoor painting for holding up to wear and tear. However, it is possible that wallpaper will eventually peel off a wall, particularly in locations that are prone to moisture and mugginess.

Indoor painting is often a much simpler application process, but unlike wallpaper, it can be less durable in the long run. Chips and scratches on painted walls are common which may make repainting necessary more often. Choosing a paint option like a high gloss can mean added durability.


While wallpaper comes in a variety of price ranges, perhaps the most expensive part is having it installed. Installing wallpaper on your own is possible, but is often tedious because it requires careful layout and hanging to ensure the seams line up.

While indoor painting can also be expensive, it is much cheaper and more forgiving than wallpaper when you decide to do it yourself.

A local handyman can help with your indoor painting projects when you decide it’s time to update your interior walls.

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