Types of Roof Tiles and Their Uses for Your Home

There are many types of roof tiles to choose from, each one having unique properties that lend a lot of function and personality to one’s home. Choosing the right kind of roof tile is an important factor in securing the durability and safety of your home.

Roof tiles types have evolved greatly over the years, but their purpose in protecting your home from the elements has never changed. Aside from that, many modern roof tiles also give a home a certain decorative flair that can tie in to the building’s overall look.

Of course, there are many factors to consider when choosing a roof tile, such as the local climate, the building’s actual structure, and your budget. If you’re wondering what kind of roof tile best fits your home, here are some of the most common ones being used today.

Metal Tiles

This type of roof tile is used in many new buildings and is commonly used to renovate old ones that prefer a more modern design. It is extremely adaptable to any climate since it can adjust to any sudden changes in the temperature.

Its relatively cheap cost of production also makes metal tiles an inexpensive option if you’re working on a budget. However, just because it’s easy to make, it doesn’t mean that it sacrifices quality and aesthetic design. Galvanized steel sheets can actually be made to look like a traditional tile while giving it added durability due to a special coating that prevents zinc oxidation.

Design-wise, metal tiles can be shaped into various styles – from the classic wavy surface to small scale-shaped tiles. They’re also easy to paint and can easily match your preference.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are a simple roofing option for those looking to give their home a natural appearance. They are made from cement mortar and features good strength and durability, making them a good choice for insulating your home against sound and temperature. It is also a very eco-friendly material since chemicals are not included in its production process, with only iron oxide being used for coloration. The only disadvantage that concrete tiles have is their relatively large weight as a roofing material, requiring the initial structure strength to be taken into consideration.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a great option for those who want to give their home an attractive look while giving it good insulation properties. The clay used in its production is heated to give it an even color and density, making it quite durable and flexible enough to match your preference. Ceramic tiles can come in three different styles: flat, undulating, and grooved.

Another interesting property ceramic tiles have is its reflective glaze that makes the colors stand out. Its production process also gives it high resistance to extreme temperatures and the sun. The main disadvantage that this tile has relatively large proportions compared to other tiles and must be factored into the roof’s load bearing capacity before installing it.

Polymer Tiles

A very modern roofing option, composite tiles are a technological product that combines materials like sand using a polymer bond. The production process makes use of calcimined sand and different resins, like polyethylene or propylene, to produce a quality tile. The machine fabricated process allows it to easy manufacture them in a uniform fashion while making if flexible to match the homeowner’s preference and style.

Flexible Tiles

Also called bituminous tiles, it is usually made out of fiberglass or canvas cellulose and infused with bitumen. Special polymers are also added during its production to give it added strength and ductility. Granite and basalt chippings can be added to its surface to give it a more natural look, as well as provide additional durability. Bituminous tiles are already covered in an adhesive, which makes them easy to install. However, it’s recommended not to install these on roofs with a slope of more than 12 degrees.

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