Tips on Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

With summer fast approaching, temperatures are bound to rise to uncomfortable levels before long. Keep cool in the following months by following these simple guidelines, and you won’t have to crank your air-conditioner up too often just to stay comfortable.

Close Your Blinds

Up to 30% of heat comes through your windows, so a simple solution is to make efficient use of shades or curtains. When the sun is out, it can turn your home into a greenhouse, with heat and light seeping in and not filtering back out. Blocking them can lower the temperature indoors by up to a significant 20 degrees.

You’ll want light colored blinds that reflect the sun’s heat, instead of heavy draperies in dark colors that tend to absorb them. Focus on closing off the south and west facing sides of your home if you’d prefer not to have it pitch-dark inside. If you have some spare cardboard lying around, use them to line your windows to prevent heat from entering.

Unplug Your Appliances

All appliances that remain plugged into electrical sockets produce a small amount of heat, even when they’re turned off. While this amount of heat is insignificant, having a lot of them plugged causes heat to accumulate inside your home. By unplugging, you not only save yourself some money on your electric bill, you also lower the overall temperature inside your home.

Fight Humidity

Humidity can be more uncomfortable than heat itself – in dry heat, your body perspires, the sweat evaporates, which causes you to feel cooler. In humid environments, this isn’t the case – the sweat you produce doesn’t evaporate, leaving you with a wet, sticky feeling. Make an effort to wear cool, comfortable clothes in the summer, made with natural, breathable fabrics. Switch out your bedding for something breathable as well, like cotton. And when all else fails, investing in a dehumidifier can do wonders for your indoor temperature: it pulls excess moisture from the air, which can help you feel much cooler.

Grill More

Summer is the season for grilling, and for great reason. Using your stove top or oven generates heat, which translates to higher indoor temperatures. If your kitchen is equipped with exhaust fans and vents, use them and use them well, by all means – otherwise, consider having more picnics out in the backyard patio. A lot of the things you can make on a stovetop can also be made with a grill with a little finagling – there are hundreds of resources available online that you can read up on to conquer your grill and become a master.

If you must use the stove top, make an effort to plan your meals ahead so that cranking it on doesn’t contribute to the greenhouse effect you may experience during the day. Try to start cooking when the sun goes down or when the heat begins to dissipate, and use a crockpot when you can: it helps keep the heat inside when you cook, instead of radiating everywhere else.

For more cooling solutions in the Orange County, CA area, contact Handy Crew! Our experts are standing by to help you and your family keep cool during the warm summer months ahead.

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