Remodeling Ideas for Your New Baby’s Room

Babies tend to bring major changes to the house; sometimes, quite literally. Because of this, a lot of parents want their baby to have the perfect room for growing up. This usually entails adding a new room to the house or remodeling an existing room.

The baby’s room or nursery is primarily where the baby sleeps, and this is where the baby’s stuff is kept as well. It should be a quiet room where the baby can sleep undisturbed. And while having a nursery is not always necessary, it can be a fun project for the expecting parents. It helps them bond and discuss their dreams and expectations for the baby.

Here are some ideas to help you design your new baby’s room:

Walls – Paint and wallpaper do a lot to set the mood of the room. Do you want bright or subdued colors?  What theme do you want for your baby’s room? The color of the paint or the wallpaper design can help to tie your theme together. Some parents prefer the traditional blue or pink, the usual colors associated for boys and girls. Colors like yellow or green can bring a vibrant feel to the room. Another option is to use neutral colors like white and brown for a more classic mood.

Storage – Babies have a lot of stuff: diapers, wipes, feeding bottles, toys, and other objects to keep the baby healthy, safe, and happy. Think of how and where to store them. A baby changing station that is also a cabinet can be used to store diapers and clothes within easy reach. You can also get custom-built cabinets. This ensures that the storage is built to your needs, whether you want to store bulky items or have a specific configuration in mind. It’s also a good idea to secure loose cabinets to the wall to prevent them from tipping over.

Fixtures – Adding lights can make the room look brighter and more cheerful. Installing a light dimmer can help you when you want to check on your baby at night without disturbing his or her sleep.

Door – Another suggestion is to change the door to the nursery, either to a screen or a glass door. This allows you or guests to quietly look in on the baby. These doors also come in many designs and can be modified to fit in with the room’s theme. Adding a door closer prevents the door from accidentally slamming and waking the baby.

Rugs and Curtains – Floor covering like carpets and rugs can muffle the noise of footsteps. Thick fabric wall hangings and curtains can also dampen any disruptive noise around the nursery.

Baby Proofing – Electrical outlets, drawers, and cabinet doors are the primary items that need to be baby proofed in the nursery. It is best to do this before the baby arrives as you will be too busy afterwards.

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