5 Tips for Fixing a Leaky Faucet

July 9, 2017

Leaky faucets can be a major cause of annoyance. That slow but steady plunk of water onto your sink or bathroom floor can also ramp up your utility bill. Not to mention the wastage that occurs — did you know that even a small faucet can waste up to 3 gallons of water per day? […]

5 Kitchen Makeover Ideas You’ll Love

February 20, 2017

For foodies and chefs-at-heart, the kitchen is a sanctuary. Whether it’s a small change or an entire remodeling job, having a kitchen makeover is an important decision that will ultimately give your home more value and an entirely new personality.   Here are some ideas you can try out to breathe some new life into […]

On Home Safety: The Dangers of Unchecked Water Damage

February 11, 2017

Leaky or broken pipes, overflowing sinks, clogged toilets, rain and flood waters – all these can cause water damage to your home if left unchecked and poorly maintained after repairs. And while you can always opt to DIY, water damage can sometimes hide in plain sight and easily destroy your home’s aesthetics, as well as […]

3 Reasons to Consider Professional Grout Repair

January 27, 2017

If you notice grout damage to your tile flooring, timely and professional grout repair is of the utmost importance. By hiring one of the expert grout repair specialists at OC Handycrew as soon as you notice damage, you can save yourself overall. Damaged grout can cause tiles to shift and break, leaving you with a […]

4 Significant Features of Kitchen Makeovers

January 15, 2017

Here at OC Handycrew, our professionals love to help homeowners with kitchen makeovers. These projects reap amazing benefits for home resale value, and contribute to an overall modern and updated feel throughout the entire home. Kitchen makeovers can consist of changing only one or two big features in the room, or all of them. Here […]

Why Cabinet Refinishing Orange County is the Smartest Home Improvement Project

December 1, 2016

If you’re teetering between cabinet refinishing Orange County home or demolishing the kitchen and starting over, it can be a hard choice to make. Brand new cabinets can be appealing because you’re able to create a different design or upgrade the materials. However, new cabinets are a hefty investment for a kitchen remodel and are […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: Everything You Need to Get Started

February 25, 2016

If you’re an everyday chef, there’s a good chance your kitchen looks like a war zone. Grease stains collect quickly, and the paint on your cabinets is likely to chip in more places than one. If your kitchen is past the point of cleaning, there’s a good chance a thorough kitchen cabinet refinishing will give […]

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

February 4, 2016

While kitchen cabinets may seem like a fairly straightforward part of any home, you would be surprised by how creative can you be with shelves and hinged doors. That means that if you’ve been thinking about renovating your kitchen, the cabinets are the perfect low-commitment, high-impact place to start. Many of these projects can be […]

Painting Kitchen Cabinets: A How To

December 28, 2015

Painting kitchen cabinets is one of the most cost-effective, easily doable ways to give your kitchen an impressive new look. It’s a fairly simple process, but the key to producing a professional-quality result lies in patience and thorough preparation. Before you begin, you’ll want to be sure you know what kind of cabinets you’ll be […]

Home Improvement Tip: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

September 26, 2015

If you’re getting tired of staring at the same old kitchen day in and day out while you prep your meals, but you aren’t ready to commit to a full remodel, here’s a tip: paint your kitchen cabinets! It may not do anything to spice up your cooking, but it will definitely inject some character […]

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