Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: Everything You Need to Get Started

If you’re an everyday chef, there’s a good chance your kitchen looks like a war zone. Grease stains collect quickly, and the paint on your cabinets is likely to chip in more places than one. If your kitchen is past the point of cleaning, there’s a good chance a thorough kitchen cabinet refinishing will give your kitchen space new life.

Here are all tools and necessities you need for refinishing your kitchen cabinets:

#1: Paintable Kitchen Cabinets or Veneers
If your cabinets are metal, solid wood, or wood veneer, you’re in luck. Those surfaces are easily paintable for a quick spruce up. Unfortunately, if you’re working with laminate or melamine, you’ll have to call a professional to install veneers (a thin layer of better quality wood) over your current cabinets.

#2: The Right Paint
Choosing a high-quality paint requires a bigger upfront cost, but will provide a longer lasting finish (and save you the trouble of having to go through the kitchen cabinet refinishing process in just a few years).  As the kitchen is a notoriously messy space, you may want to choose a satin or semi-gloss paint, which is easier to scrub clean.

#3: The Right Tools
Our top recommendation is a spray gun for a clean, even look, which can be rented or bought. Just be sure to cover up all the neighboring surfaces that you don’t want splattered. You can practice on some scrap wood before getting started on your own cabinets. A four or six inch foam roller is also a quick, clean solution.

#4: Free Time & Some Take Out
As a forewarning, know that your kitchen will be unusable for about four days as you complete your kitchen cabinet refinishing project. You’ll have to remove all the items from your kitchen cabinets and set aside time for each coat and drying. Use it as an excuse to try out some local restaurants or to splurge on a big greasy pizza – you deserve it!

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing takes time and energy – something many homeowners can’t afford to lose. A professional handy team is your best bet for the quickest, cleanest job. OC Handycrew Services offers affordable kitchen cabinet refinishing solutions to the local area, including Orange County, Anaheim, Irvine, and other neighboring cities.

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