The Importance of Replacing Old Wiring in Your Home

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. It’s a place of happiness, comfort, and safety. The latter might not be as evident, however, when the circuits and electric wiring have gone through the years without being replaced.

Several benefits come from updating and fixing your home’s electrical wiring, but these three should be enough to convince you to do so.

It’s one of the parts that make your house a home. And if your house has old or damaged electrical wiring, then it definitely is not safe. It can be a source of fires or electrocution, which you definitely don’t want to happen to your home and your family members.

Some indications that there are damaged wires that need immediate replacing are dimming lights, especially when you turn on appliances that use a lot of power; buzzing electrical switches and outlets; and a burning stench whether or not appliances are in use. If you notice rats lurking around your home, it’s also best to check your wirings as these rodents have a tendency to chew on wires and leave them frayed or snapped.

Fixing your home’s electrical wiring can also be a source of convenience as well. You can relocate switches and outlets to where they are used the most and make it easily accessible for adults and older children. You can also replace switches and outlets with more modern versions — for example, those with USB ports for charging cellphones and other gadgets, or outlets that are already child-proofed.

Another benefit is that, with your own rewiring plan, you can have separate circuits plotted out for the most important elements in your home like your refrigerator, water heater, and air-conditioning units. Separate circuits and fuse boxes can ensure that these appliances will not be affected when less important or smaller appliances trip or suffer from a power surge, presenting less risk for overloading.

If your house has multiple floors, you can even have separate circuits and wiring plans so that the power stays on in other floors should you need to turn off the power in one area, say for repairs.

Adds Value to Your Home
No one wants to leave their home behind, especially one that you’ve grown to love over the years. However, should the situation call for the selling or renting out, fixing the old wiring can help boost the price of your home. For one, there won’t be any surprises when real estate agents survey your property before putting it up on their listings. An updated wiring and circuit system can also be added to the list of “amenities,” especially if you included extra features like light dimmers, motion sensors, and the like.

The buyers or renters will also be more confident to transact with you, knowing that they’re going to be living in a home that’s well taken care of.

Fixing your home’s wiring is no easy task since you also need a good eye for architecture and planning to make it work. Good thing there’s Handy Crew Services and its team of professionals to help you out, from inspection to installation.

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