Ideas on How to Personalize Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important and most convenient rooms of a modern home. It is also one of the most private and personal rooms in the house. It should, therefore, be no surprise that personalizing the bathroom can be quite an enjoyable project.

Whether you’re aiming for a small traditional bathroom with a wood finish and tiles or a modern bathroom in neutral tones, how your bathroom looks can say a lot about your personality. And if you’re having guests over, your bathroom can provide them a quick glimpse of your character.

Whether you are personalizing your own bathroom, a shared family bathroom, or a guest bathroom, here are some things to consider:

Walls – Consider your overall theme. Do you want to have a bright, friendly bathroom? Bright paints and tiles can help convey a sense of light and energy. Darker, more subdued earth tones can be more comforting to some people. Decorative tiles on the walls can be another aspect that you may want to explore to show your character.

Shower/Bathtub – Changing your shower or bathtub (or both) can have a profound effect on the bathroom. They can serve as a focal point by being the largest object in the bathroom. Showers and bathtubs come in a variety of designs and it is possible to get one that suits you. Alternatively, you can also have them custom built if none of the commercial models are to your liking.

Sink and Fixtures – Just like the showers and bathtubs, sinks and other fixtures come in various designs and it is often a matter of taste which ones to select. Sinks can be wall mounted, free standing pedestals, built onto cabinets, and some are resting on tables and are often in the form of a bucket or bowl. Mirrors are not only useful accessories but can also be used to give the illusion of space.

Cabinets and storage – Depending on your theme and style, cabinets and storage may either be minimalistic or be the design piece that ties your different elements together. It can just be a few shelves and enough to hold up the sink. Or it can be a huge piece providing ample storage and countertop space.

Lighting – Lighting can do a lot to change or enhance the mood of a room. Adding more lights can bring more energy to a room. Changing the layout of the lights so that only certain parts are illuminated can also make a bathroom feel more intimate.

Flooring – You can use your flooring to either complement or contrast with your walls. Modern tiles are also made of granite, marble, or porcelain. While traditionally made of tiles, other non-porous, hard surfaces are available for bathroom floors. Hardwood and glass are popular alternatives to tiles. Wood must be properly sealed when used in a bathroom, so having skilled contractors is a necessity.

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