On Home Safety: The Dangers of Unchecked Water Damage

Leaky or broken pipes, overflowing sinks, clogged toilets, rain and flood waters – all these can cause water damage to your home if left unchecked and poorly maintained after repairs. And while you can always opt to DIY, water damage can sometimes hide in plain sight and easily destroy your home’s aesthetics, as well as compromise the safety of your family.


If you’re still not aware how bad things can get, here are some dangers you might face with unchecked water damage.


Health issues. Moist environments are the perfect breeding grounds for molds. While short term exposure to molds isn’t a major concern, it can trigger the allergies of those who are sensitive to the spores. However, prolonged inhalation of spores can cause more pressing health problems, like infections of the respiratory system and neuro-toxic complications. Children and older people, as well as the immune-compromised, are at the highest risk from these diseases.

Millions of spores released by these molds can also reach other areas and take over your home in a short period, as well as cause musty, unpleasant odors. Other telltale signs include: dark spots on your walls and floors, and unexplained bad smells even when the house is seemingly spotless.


Contamination and infestation. If the water damage is close to food or water storage, there’s risk of contamination and spoilage. Meanwhile, spots that accumulate with even a small amount of water can become habitats for insects like mosquitoes and flies. These critters multiply quickly, and can spread deadly diseases, in addition to causing general inconvenience.

Check every nook and cranny if you suspect or know of any water damage in your home. Be especially meticulous of dark corners, and surfaces behind or underneath appliances and furniture, which aren’t always easily visible and therefore easily forgotten or skipped during DIY inspections.


Electrical problems. It goes without saying that electronics and water do not mix. And when water damage reaches electrical outlets and wirings, you court the danger of electrocution, shorted circuits, and ruined gadgets and appliances. Not to mention, damaged electrical connections are fire hazards; a single spark can set off a blaze!


Compromised structural integrity. Whether the affected part is made of wood, plastic, metal, or concrete, water damage can severely compromise your home’s safety. Entire areas of your home can give in to decomposition and rot, especially wooden furniture and support beams. In addition, steel bars in concrete walls and floors can accumulate rust over time, compromising its structural strength and integrity.

Bubbly or peeling paint, discolored wood or concrete, and crinkled or swollen wood layers are among the top indicators of water damage in your home. Once you see these signs, it’s time to call in the experts to prevent bigger losses to your property.

If ignored and left unattended, water damage can affect not just your home’s structure and beauty, but your family’s quality of life, too. Should you notice signs or suspect water damage in your home, HandyCrew Services can help you in the detection, repair, renovation, and prevention of water damage. Give us a call today!

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