Home Repair Skills Every Homeowner Should Have

If you’re a brand new homeowner, there’s a good chance there are some home repair skills you still need to learn. If you’ve spent the past decade or more of your life relying on a landlord to make repairs, you may want to start brushing up on your home repair skills now. Here are the three most common, yet important challenges you’ll face with your new home and easy solutions for addressing them.

  1. The curse of the leaky toilet

There’s a good chance you won’t notice your toilet is leaking until you receive an enormous water bill at the end of the month. What’s happening with a leaky toilet is water is dripping into the bowl and out through your pies. To save yourself those precious dollars in the coming months, you’ll want to make a quick fix.

Immediately after identifying the leak, turn off the water valve (the oval apparatus behind the toilet), which will stop the flow of water. From there, check out the chain, float, and flapper. Any signs of cracks, tears, or discolorations mean it’s time for replacement parts.

From there, examine what’s going on with the chain length. If the chain isn’t long enough for the flapper to close, you’ll need to lengthen it. Once everything is in place, turn the water back on and listen for any leaking or dripping.

  1. Homeownership is all fun and games, until someone has to unclog a toilet.

Most likely, if you’re reading this article, that someone is you. If your toilet is backed up, skip the Drano and head straight for the cupped plunger (not to be confused with a sink plunger).

Drop the plunger into the toilet and push vigorously. There should be enough water to cover the plunger’s head. If there isn’t, you can easily add water from the neighboring sink.

  1. HVAC Maintenance

As a homeowner, to keep your heating and cooling running smoothly, you’ll want to replace your filters approximately four times a year. If your home is prone to dust or you own shedding pets, it’s advised you change your filters about once every two months. Learn where the HVAC filters are located and their exact measurements and changing them will be a breeze.

Of course, there’s plenty of information to guide you through home repair on the web, but nothing gets a job done as neatly and safely as a professional. If you’re looking for basic home repair services contact the friendly and professional team at OC HandyCrew Services. OC HandyCrew provides experienced home repair to cities across Orange County, including Trabuco Canyon, Tustin, Tustin Ranch, Garden Grove and more.

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