Garage Door Repair Vs. Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door

Has your garage door seen better days? Is it showing its age? Has it been damaged by Mother Nature, or worse, mother’s station wagon?

Often times it’s hard to know whether you should invest the money to replace your garage door, or simply have your garage door repaired.

Here are some general rules of thumb when it comes to deciding whether to spring for a complete garage door replacement, or to have the garage door repaired.

Case for Repair

Since replacing a garage door with installation can cost hundreds of dollars, it’s worthwhile to see if you can have the garage door repaired at a fraction of the cost.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing the repairs yourself, a qualified handyman can often do the job quickly and affordably.

Here are some of the situations when it may be more cost-effective to repair your existing garage door.

  • It stops working. Often times a garage door that is fine structurally, but stops working can be fixed easily. First, make sure you’ve checked the batteries in the remote to see that they haven’t gone dead. If you’ve tried replacement batteries, seek out an expert to find the problem.
  • Cosmetic Issues. If your garage door has small cosmetic issues like scratches, dings, or the seal is not functioning and creating drafts, these are all issues that a handyman can fix.
  • It’s ugly. If your garage door is in good working order, but doesn’t add to your home’s curb appeal, check with an expert about seeing if your garage door can be updated with paint, decorative trim, or windows.


Case to Replace

Here are some instances when you should consider a replacement garage door.

  • Rot and Rust. If your garage door is made of wood and the wood has begun to rot, then you should definitely consider replacing it. On the same note, if a metal garage door panel has been damaged and is rusting or ill fitting, this is also a good case for buying a new door.
  • The track is damaged. If the track is bent or is falling apart then you should get a new garage door, as such problems can lead to an unsafe situations.

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