Garage Door Repair You Can Achieve at Home

Having trouble with your garage door? There’s a good chance it’s easily remedied at home. Here are 5 common garage door malfunctions, and 5 easy steps for repairing them at home.

  1. Door Won’t Close All the Way

If your garage door starts to close but suddenly stops and begins to open again, you may have a dirty or misaligned photo eye. Photo eyes are found at the base of your garage door, across from one another. They are an important safety feature of automatic garage doors, but can sometimes cause problems.

Photo eyes tend to get dirty easily because they are so close to the ground. Clean the photo eye as you would a camera lens by using a clean cloth and a mild cleaner. To check the alignment, measure how high each photo eye is from the ground and use a level to make sure they are placed at the same height and aiming directly across to each other.

  1. Transmitter Won’t Work

If you push the button on your transmitter and nothing happens, start by changing the batteries in the transmitter. This may sound like obvious advice, but it is often overlooked as the source of the issue. If new transmitter batteries don’t immediately fix things, enter the garage and manually hit the switch that opens the garage door from the inside.

If the manual switch doesn’t work, try changing the batteries in the manual switch as well.

If the manual switch does work but the transmitter still does not, check the lenses on both the transmitter and the sensor on the garage door motor to make sure they aren’t dirty or obstructed.

  1. Door Closes, Then Immediately Reopens

Your garage door has settings that limit how far it opens and closes. If your close limit settings are too high, when the door actually hits the ground it will think that it still has a way to go before it hits the ground. This will trigger a safety feature that makes the garage door automatically reverse when hitting something so as to not crush it. The operator’s manual for your garage door will tell you how to set and adjust the open and close limit settings.

  1. Door Opener Runs But Door Doesn’t Move

If you can hear your garage door trying to open or close but the door isn’t moving, your disconnect switch may have been accidentally unhooked. Manually open or close your garage door completely, locate the rope or knob that the switch is attached to, and reattach the hook.

  1. Scraping and/or Creaking Sounds

Scraping and creaking garage doors are annoying and can sometimes be potentially dangerous. If you hear scraping sounds, you may have a loose wheel or track. Check both and tighten them if they seem loose.

Creaking is a normal part of an aging garage door. To decrease this noise and help lengthen the life of your garage door, keep all bearings, hinges, and wheels lubricated with oil.

In the above instances, at-home garage door repair may be possible. However, if your garage door issues won’t go away or can’t easily be fixed, call the professionals at OC HandyCrew in Orange County.

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