Garage Door Repair 101: 4 Common Malfunctions

Clueless about garage door repair? Good news: just because your garage door is having trouble opening and closing doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire system. There are several quick fixes that can quickly solve your issue.

Of course, the first step is identifying the issue. Here are four common garage door malfunctions with tips for repairing them.

  1. Are your safety sensors misaligned?

    If your garage door isn’t closing and the batteries are fully functioning, there’s most likely an issue with the door’s safety sensors. The safety sensors can be found at the bottom of your garage door.

    The first thing to look for is an obstruction that’s preventing the sensor from reaching the door. If the problem is bigger than that, a garage door repair service may be your best bet. Typically, a misaligned sensor won’t cost you more than a service fee. You can even try trouble shooting over the phone.

  2. Is your garage door cable broken?

    A frayed or broken garage door cable keeps you and your car safe from the door slamming down on you if the spring breaks. Fortunately, a new cable won’t cost you much, but the installation will require a garage door repair specialist.
  3. Is the door track bent?

    Garage door tracks can easily bend out of shape, especially if your car has knocked into it. A soft mallet can bend it back into shape, but a professional will be able to fix it more accurately.
  4. Is your garage door spring broken?

    This is perhaps the most common garage door repair need, and many homeowners will need to address it once a year. Garage door springs get fatigued after frequent use and can easily snap. Make a yearly commitment to disconnecting your garage door springs to see how well the door balances when you lift it manually. Watch out for metal screeching or any kind of snapping.

Garage door repair is a complicated process, best saved for professionals. If you’re having trouble with your garage door, contact the savvy crew at OC HandyCrew Services. Our team guarantees punctuality, professionalism, and your satisfaction.  Servicing Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Balboa, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Corona Del Mar, and more – we’re your go-to provider for handyman services in Orange County.


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