Design Ideas to Help Create the Perfect Patio Setup

There’s nothing like having a patio, a perfect little outdoor retreat where you can relax or even entertain guests in. If you have an outdoor space that’s looking frightfully bare or isn’t being utilized well, here are a few design ideas to help perk it up and make it an attractive extension of your home.

Add a lattice screen

A lattice grill screen provides privacy and makes your outdoor space feel like a room unto itself. You can also use it to hide garbage or storage bins, as well as create an accent wall. Look for one that has sturdy 4×4 posts and comes in a complementing color, or you can even paint a plain one yourself.

Use a trellis to add interest to a covered patio

Most covered patios are wide open to the rest of the yard or landscape since it can emphasize the patio’s connection to the outdoors. However, you can create a cozier atmosphere simply by adding a trellis or some other kind of decorative structure to one of the openings on your covered patio. Not only does this provide a little bit more privacy from snooping neighbors, but it’s also a great way to create a backdrop for quieter conversations.

Add a fire pit

There’s nothing cozier than gathering around a fire during cooler evenings. Adding a fire pit to an outdoor space establishes its status as a gathering spot and provides seating or serving surfaces when it’s unlit. There are dozens of how-to guides and videos on the Internet for this, so you can make it a do-it-yourself project on an idle weekend. Make sure that you line the pit with sand to prevent it from setting nearby grass on fire. Also, keep it well-stocked with lighting fluid, kindling, and firewood for an instant party, any time of the year.

Start with matched furniture

Matching furniture adds cohesiveness to your space and makes it look less cluttered. From there, you can add accent pieces to enhance the space’s playfulness, as well as raise the comfort level. You’ll want outdoor pillows, rugs, and cushions that can withstand the elements but look and feel as great as the ones inside your home. Having a lot of pillows and throws around is one way to make your patio look more soft and inviting.

Let there be light

Make sure you and your guests aren’t driven indoors by a lack of light. Add candles or scatter small lamps around the space to provide soft, moody illumination long past sunset. A citronella candle or dedicated bug zapper will keep you safe from mosquitoes and other insects. If possible, hang up clusters of lanterns to amplify the light in certain zones.

Aim to entertain

A few smart additions to your patio can take it from a drab outdoor space to a fab party spot. Consider adding a bar or a beverage station to keep your guests cool and watered. A bar-height table serves as a prep and serving area for barbecues. Round end tables not only provide more surfaces for décor, but your guests can also dine or be served on them.

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