Did December’s Storms Leave Your Home With Water Damage? What You Should Know

Water Damage on Carpet

The storms that soaked Southern California in December brought an estimated 10 trillion gallons of water with it, according to meteorologists’ reports.

That’s enough water to fill more than 15 million Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The excess of water led to mudslides and flooding, which affected a number of Southern Californian homes. If not addressed quickly, water damage can result in costly home repairs and health issues for those living in the home.


What do you need to know about water damage?

There are three different classifications of water damage that you should be aware of so you know how to properly handle any instances of damage that may happen in your home from Mother Nature or human error.

White Water: The least dangerous type of water damage comes from what is known as white water. This is clean water that comes from a burst water pipe or sink that overflows.

Grey Water: The second type of damage comes from water that could make you sick. This is water that may have chemicals or toxins, like water from a toilet that overflows

Black Water: The third and worst type of water damage is called black water and is water that comes from a sewer system, river, ocean or rainwater.

The key to fighting water damage is to take care of the problem quickly. After a storm, homeowners should be sure to check for any standing water that has infiltrated the home. In addition to cleaning up any standing water, it is imperative to dry out the affected area. High powered fans or dehumidifiers can help dry out water that has soaked carpets, baseboards or flooring.

Not addressing water damage quickly can lead to any number of issues, including mold and mildew which can not only damage your property, but can lead to health problems. In fact, experts will often upgrade instances of grey water damage to black water if it’s been left standing for more than 48 hours because of the danger of contaminants in the water.

While all types of water damage should be taken seriously and addressed quickly, grey and black water damage should be addressed by professionals experienced in handling such situations.

If not taken care of in a timely manner, water damage can lead to structural problems in the home, including weakened support of integral structures like support beams, rusted pipes and rot that can take hundreds of thousands to repair later.

If your Orange County home has recently been a victim of water damage, be sure to contact a water damage restoration specialist as soon as possible who can help you remove excess and standing water from flood-damaged carpets and rugs as well as to help disinfect, deep-clean and deodorize the affected areas.

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