Cool Remodeling Ideas for Your Garage

The best way to expand your home is to use what you’ve already got. Many people view their garages as nothing more than a place to park the car at best, or a repository for things they don’t have room inside the house for. However, with a little effort and imagination, you can transform yours from a cluttered, dusty mess into a beautiful space.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on remodeling your garage:


The federal United States government allows up to 200 gallons of home brew if your household is made up of two or more people. Many independent beers and ales are made in garages that have been turned into micro-breweries all over America. You can style your own around a traditional Irish pub theme or go full sports bar. In order to keep your home brews at optimal conditions, it’s best to insulate your garage door and protect from sudden and unwanted rises and drops in temperature.

Home gym

Make use of exercise equipment you’ve hidden out of sight in the very garage you’ve stored them in. With careful planning, you can fit a small home gym or fitness area in your garage right next to where you park your car. Hang up a punching bag, set up a weights area, or keep the space open for yoga or a quick aerobic dance workout.

Make sure the garage is well-lit and ventilated to prevent any untoward incidents from occurring and to keep airflow going while you sweat. Lining the floor with rubber mats also helps prevent slipping, muscle strain, and potential accidents when lifting.

Performance space

Many of America’s greatest bands got their start rocking out in garages. With a tricked-out sound system, spotlights, and an elevated platform, your garage band can headbang in style and have space for all of your friends and fans. A mirrored disco ball turns your practice space into a dance floor for parties. Don’t forget to install soundproofing so that you can play to your heart’s content without disturbing the other household members.

Art studio

By introducing plenty of natural light, you can turn your garage into a space where you can unleash your creativity. Paint the walls a clean, crisp white color and consider adding skylights, if possible, to maximize the amount of light coming in. You can also place a sturdy table for working on, and plenty of storage space for paints and other materials, as well as finished and other works-in-progress.

Gentleman’s club/Man cave

Every man dreams of having his very own space where he can relax and let loose with friends, away from the prying eyes of the significant other. Using dark wood accents and rich, comfortable leather furniture gives off a manly feel, while installing a bar and a killer entertainment system will go a long way in entertaining a group of men for hours.

Use shelves to display your games collection or sports memorabilia you’ve collected over the years. Warm lighting ensures a cozy atmosphere while talking shop over whiskey and cigars. It’s best to devise a ventilation and air conditioning system for this space that’s separate from the main house if you intend to use it for smoking. This way, none of the smell gets indoors and you can enjoy your treat in relative peace.

Whatever you’d like to turn your garage into, let Handy Crew do the heavy lifting for you. We specialize in a variety of repair and maintenance services, from room remodeling to cooling and heating system installations. Call now for a free service estimate.

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