Choosing the Right Roof Tiles for Your Home

The roof above your head is part of your home’s defense against the elements – so you’d better make sure it’s done right! Neglecting to choose the right type of roof tiles to your home can lead to inconveniences like a drafty attic or a water damaged ceiling.

These factors are among the primary considerations in choosing roof tiles for your home.


Location and climate
When choosing roof tiles, an important factor to consider is the location of your home. Do you live in a place that’s frequently hit by tornadoes or hurricanes? Does it get excessively hot during summers? Are winters mild or harsh? These environmental factors can influence maintenance costs down the road.

Once you’ve taken these into account, you can then make the wisest choice for the material of your roof tiles, which can make your home safer and more comfortable once they’re installed.


Durability and functionality
In relation to environmental considerations, you should also consider the actual durability of the materials used for your roof tiles.

A steel roof, for example, can be cheap and easy to maintain, but is susceptible to rusting and corrosion. Taking additional steps to proof your roof against such conditions may be necessary if you decide to go with this kind of roofing. Clay roof tiles, on the other hand, are elegant, long lasting and low-maintenance, but could be brittle and prone to breakage. However, when correctly installed, maintaining your roof tiles can be hassle-free.


Home structure and functionality
Selecting roof tiles can also be dependent on the structure of your home. If you’re remodeling the existing roof of the house, then replacing the existing roof material may be enough to do job. However, if you’re building your dream home from scratch, then your options will grow considerably.

Structural considerations include the pitch and shape of your roof. For instance, if your roof has a very steep angle, you may want to have wooden shakes or shingles because these materials shed water quicker. Roofs with plenty of corners and angles may benefit from slate roofs because they’re easier to cut into shape to match the features of your home.


Your roof must complement the overall look of your home. Most types of roof tiles can be tinted or painted for a minimal cost, but the colors will fade over time, especially when exposed to harsher weather conditions. This should be factored in to your maintenance costs in the long run.


Ownership and cost
Are you going to stay in your home for, say, more than 20 years? Then it’s wise to invest in quality roofing that may cost more but will give you an easier time with yearly upkeep. If you’re not planning to stay in or own the property for longer, it may be best to go with cheaper alternatives. However, if you’re intending to sell in the future, you can opt for roof tiles that are aesthetically pleasing and durable enough to increase the value and appeal of the property.


Two warranties usually come into play when talking about roofing: the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers defects in the actual roofing material, and the contractor’s warranty, which covers the damages and other problems that arise from installation issues and other actions by the contractor. It’s the latter part that you should pay attention to – you should get a reliable, professional service provider to save yourself the trouble of running into problems caused by improper handling of materials and installation.

Have you finally decided on the right roof tiles for your home? HandyCrew Services’ licensed handymen are here to help you make the right choice and install them for you. Give us a call and find out how we can install your roof tiles with minimal fuss today.

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