8 Low-Cost Ideas on How to Insulate Your Windows

Insulating your windows helps keep you warm and toasty during the winter months. However, not everyone can afford installing dual-pane insulating windows. For those working on a budget or live in a charming historical home with features that can’t just be replaced willy-nilly, here are a few ideas on how to insulate your windows without breaking the bank.

  1. Caulk up the air leaks

To get the most out of your existing doors and windows, fill in the spaces where air might get in or leak out. Use caulk both on the inside and outside of your window casing to plug in those leaks, and then use weatherstripping in the sash.

  1. Switch out your curtains

Use lightweight fabrics in the summer and heavy drapes in the winter time – the fabric provides extra insulation while being seasonally appropriate. Rich, thick velvets and linens are best reserved for when the temperature starts to drop and provide adequate resistance to wayward cold drafts that may creep in through your windows.

  1. Apply bubble wrap

Yes, bubble wrap, really. You’ll only need some water and tape for this easy do-it-yourself project. It’ll still let light shine through while putting tiny pockets of air between your room and the cold surface of the window. Simply measure out the window to figure out how much you’ll need, and then apply layers of bubble wrap to create insulation.

  1. Get yourself a draft dodger

Not to be mistaken for another kind of draft dodger, what we’re referring to are cloth or insulation stoppers that fit in the space under your door. You can buy these online and it’ll cost you about $10, or you can make one yourself out of insulating foam, some fabric, and a bit of patience and sewing skill.

  1. Use cellular shades

These shades are made out of several folds of fabric and are also called honeycomb shades. The fabric forms layers that create air pockets to keep your windows insulated in the way a down quilt helps you keep warm at night.

  1. Layer it up

In the same way you layer clothes on during the winter to keep warm, one of the easiest and prettiest ways to insulate your home is by using layered window treatments. Use insulating or honeycomb shades, then hang lush curtains up top. This will help your room stay warmer while also making it look polished and cozy.

  1. Add a storm window

After weather stripping your old window, consider adding a storm window. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this provides the same or even better energy savings as having a dual pane insulating window. It might be a bit more costly than other items we have on this list, but a small addition like this makes a significant difference.

  1. Use some insulating film

Apply an energy saving window film to the inside of your windows. These are thin, transparent films that can be applied directly to any smooth surface to improve the performance of your windows. It allows your room to heat up faster and stay warm for a longer period of time, reducing heating costs. You can purchase these online or at the hardware store and install them yourself with some liquid soap, scissors, and a clean towel.

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