6 Insulation Tips on Preparing Your Home for Winter

When the month of September starts rolling in, you know for certain that winter is just around the corner. This means you need to start preparing not only warm clothing for yourself and your family, but also check if your home is ready for the cold months ahead. To keep your home warm and toasty during these chilly months, you need to ensure that it is properly insulated.

Insulation helps keep the warm air generated by your heater or fireplace in your home, while helping keep the cold winter air out at the same time. How can you properly insulate your home for this season? Here are some tips:

Check windows, doors, and the rest of the house for air leaks – one of the culprits for heat loss and higher energy bills during the winter months is due to air leaks, which is usually found around the edges of your windows and doors. Make sure that warm air does not escape from your home by caulking and adding weatherstripping to these areas. It is also advisable that door sweeps or draft stoppers be installed on all doors leading outside.

You should also check for cracks and gaps that may also be letting in cold air and letting out warm air. Foam sealant is what you need when you find these gaps, which are often located around your pipes, air vents, and sometimes in recessed lighting.

Check your attic’s insulation – if you are unsure whether or not your attic is properly insulated, it might be a good idea to go and check. You can also have professionals check it for you, and you can have them work on insulating your home properly once they find where your warm air is escaping from.

Sometimes the attic is not insulated properly, or the older insulation is not doing its job. This is why you might want to install new insulation up there or have a second layer installed for good measure.

Make sure your pipes are insulated – one problem some people fail to address before winter comes in is frozen water in their pipes. This can be easily avoided by ensuring that all pipes are insulated from the cold. When the water in these pipes freeze, these will cause the pipes to crack, which will then lead to problems like flooding and water seepage once the ice in them thaws out.

Before winter begins, make sure all your exposed pipes in the attic, basement, and elsewhere in your home that is not heated is covered with the right kind of insulation.

Replace sheer and light curtains with dark drapes – even when your windows are properly insulated, these can still let warm air escape from your home. Having dark, heavy drapes over your windows will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out. To let warm sunlight into your home during the day, simply pull these drapes back and tie them with a ribbon.

Install an added layer of insulation to your windows – you can add another layer of insulation to your windows by installing a window insulator kit. This will help make your ordinary windows more energy efficient when you are heating up your home during the cold months of winter. You can try to use DIY methods for this with some plastic sheeting, double-sided tape, and a hairdryer, but having a professional install this is better.

Check your furnace filters – heating bills will increase if your furnace is not running smoothly, and this is usually because your filters are dirty and need replacement. Check these filters before the winter months begin, and check these every month thereafter to ensure that these are clean enough.

How can you tell if the filters need replacement? If you hold it up to the light and you cannot see through it, then a replacement is needed. If you are unsure as to whether or not your filters need replacing, or where to find replacements for these, you can contact insulation professionals to help you with this.

Making sure your home is properly insulated before winter comes is a surefire way of ensuring that you and your family are kept warm during these freezing months of the year. To find out more about how you can properly insulate your home and how to prepare it for the cold months ahead, contact Handy Crew today.

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