5 Tips for Furniture Restoration

Sure, you don’t need to buy new furniture, but if it’s been a few years since you redecorated, there’s a good chance you want to. To avoid the unnecessary hassle of getting rid of old furniture and the even more unnecessary expense of buying new pieces, you might want to consider a DIY furniture restoration project.

Before you get started, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind to get the job done right. Below is a list of 5 tips for the most effective DIY furniture restoration project.

  1. Set aside time.Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a furniture restoration project. Even a small side project will require several trips to the hardware store and a lot of time and energy. If you don’t have enough time to get a project done, you risk starting but not finishing projects, and there’s no greater eye sore than an unfinished furniture restoration project in the middle of your living room. If you’re in a pinch, hire professionals. If you’ve got some spare time, get ready to work!
  2. Do your research.Know exactly what you have to do before you get started. This will save you on trips to the hardware store as well as making costly mistakes that eat up your time. Nothing is more productive than having a plan and a goal for the finished product, so be sure to know what you’re working towards!
  3. Stick to a budget. If your restoration project is going to cost you more than buying new furniture, skip it. Choose a budget, calculate your plans to see if they’re feasible within that budget, and get to work!
  4. Be safe. Safety precautions are not a joke. Not only will they save you the time and money of a doctor’s visit, but they’ll provide you (and your loved ones) with peace of mind as you work. When researching your project, be sure to follow any and all safety protocols. If you’re a novice to furniture restoration, this is especially important.
  5. Clean before you restore.A clean surface is key to a great looking furniture restoration. Remove buildup with a sponge, a vegetable oil-based soap, and warm water. A toothbrush can help fight tougher grime.

Congratulations! You are now ready to refinish and repaint. On the other hand, if you read through this list and think you’ll never be able to complete all the necessary pre-steps, you may want to call a professional to help you with your furniture restoration project. The contractors at OC HandyCrew Services are happy to help. Serving the OC area, including Anaheim and Irvine, the team at OC Handy Crew Services is well equipped to tackle your toughest furniture restoration project.

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