5 Home Fixes That Can Make a Big Difference

Whether you are hoping to stay in your home for 30 years, or you are toying with the idea of putting it on the market soon, there are relatively small changes you can make to help improve both the livability and the resell value of your home.

5 Small Changes That Mean Big Results

1. Make Window Repairs
Have you been feeling a draft in your home? It may mean your windows need updating. Not only can old windows without property sealing lead to possible water damage, they can lead to higher electricity bills. Updating your windows to energy-efficient windows and taking care of any needed window repairs can make a big impact on the comfort level you feel in your home. While you’re at it, be sure to check any sliding glass doors as well to see if they are working properly.

2. Ponder Interior Painting
All white walls don’t typically result in a warm and inviting home. Adding an accent wall or changing the colors of all the walls in a room can add a level of depth and richness that may make you want to stay in your home even if you were thinking of moving. And, it will only cost you a few cans of paint.

3. Freshen Up Your Garage Door
When it comes to adding curb appeal to your home, one place many homeowners forget to think about is their garage door. If your garage door faces the street and is looking a bit dated, why not consider a garage makeover? There are thousands of styles of garage doors available that can add just the right amount of charm, whether your home is traditional or craftsman style.

4. Replace Dated Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets in good condition but not quite from this decade style-wise? You can save loads of money by renovating your existing cabinets. Painting or staining your existing cabinets or changing out old hardware on the cabinets are all easy and affordable options that can change the look of your entire kitchen for the better.

5. Refinish That Deck
Unfortunately, outdoor decks are often like cars, they depreciate with age. What your deck may need is just a little TLC. Adding a new layer of stain can go a long way, as can including special touches like architectural details. Frame an exceptionally good view from the deck with an arch or overhead structure, or add plants or climbing vines to your deck for a added color and depth.

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