5 Facts about air conditioning that will surprise you!

Even though we enjoy the summer and the hot weather, we still want to have our own shelter where we can cool down when it gets too hot outside. Luckily nowadays we can get through the dog days of summer without much discomfort and it’s all because of the sophisticated air conditioning systems available on the market. We can most certainly say that AC systems made our lives easier and bearable during the hot summer days. How much do we know about the AC systems? When they were officially introduced on the market?

Here are some incredible facts about the innovation that constantly helps us during the summer days, makes us more efficient in our work environments and supports our health conditions.

  1. Willis Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner in 1902 from a publishing company in New York. However the beginning the motives were different. He wanted to fix the problems they were experiencing with the ink control and paper expansion due to unstable humidity levels.
  2. In the beginning ice power was used as a measurement for the output settings. In other words how many blocks of ice it will take to produce the certain amount of cooling power.
  3. In 1913 the first fully air conditioned mansion was built in Minneapolis by Charles Gates.
  4. AC systems also take the humidity out of the air, making the environment more pleasant and enjoyable for living. If you want to improve the humidity levels in your home, don’t leave the thermostat fan to on position all the time. Choose the auto mode where it will blow air only when the cooling system is running.
  5. In 2011 88 percent of the single family homes in America included AC systems. Compared to Canada where only 55% of the households had air conditioning.

Air conditioning is important and vital to our everyday life. If you need any assistance with AC services we can help. Our air conditioning and heating systems and maintenance repair services for residential and commercial properties in the Orange County Area are available for anyone interested in improving their health and work efficiency.

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