5 DIY Window Repair Solutions

Calling a professional is usually the best option for window repair, but if you need a quick fix, here are our top 5 DIY window repair solutions:

  1. Safely removing broken glass

Broken glass is very dangerous. If a window in your home gets broken, remove the glass as soon as possible to avoid possible injury. When removing the glass, make sure to wear gloves, boots, and eye protection. To safely remove broken glass, take strips of masking tape and carefully tape over the surface of the window and any remaining glass. Imagine that you are making a new piece of glass from the tape and fill in all the spots where the glass still is, and was. Lightly tap the glass with the butt of a hammer to loosen it from the window. The glass will stick to the tape and can be easily removed in mostly one piece.

  1. Repairing a torn screen

If your screen has a tiny hole, simply seal it with a clear adhesive. It will be barely noticeable and will keep the screen in tact. If you have a larger but still relatively small hole, patch it by cutting a piece of screen material that’s just a little larger than the hole, placing it over the hole, and gluing along the edges to keep it in place.

  1. Opening a stuck-closed window

If your window is stuck shut, it may have been painted shut at one point and may have built-up paint stuck in the tracks. Check the tracks in the window frame above the window and carefully clean them out with a hammer and chisel if needed. Sandpaper can be used to remove rough old paint as well. Use a silicone-based lubricant on the tracks once clean. Weather stripping also sometimes causes issues with sticking and may need to be replaced. See the next section for tips on this.

  1. Sealing a drafty window

If your windows are starting to let in a draft, it may be time to replace or re-seal the weather stripping. If the weather stripping is loose in places, use a polyurethane sealant to reseal the stripping. If you need to completely replace the stripping, you can find replacement stripping at a hardware store. Carefully remove the old weather stripping and slide the new one into the grooves in your window. Maintaining your weather stripping is a cheap and easy way to save on heating and cooling costs.

  1. Removing condensation in double-paned windows

Note: This is a risky but possible DIY window repair solution. If you attempt it, you may end up having to replace the window if something goes wrong. Please always wear appropriate safety gear when working with glass.

Changes in temperatures and too much humidity can cause condensation between the panes of your double-paned window. To dry out and prevent condensation, use a diamond hole saw to drill two holes in the bottom of the piece of glass that’s outside. This will allow the window to breathe and dry out. You can cover the holes with small screens to keep insects out.

Basic window repair and maintenance is definitely possible to do on your own, but more complex or potentially dangerous jobs should always be left to the professionals.

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