4 Significant Features of Kitchen Makeovers

Here at OC Handycrew, our professionals love to help homeowners with kitchen makeovers. These projects reap amazing benefits for home resale value, and contribute to an overall modern and updated feel throughout the entire home. Kitchen makeovers can consist of changing only one or two big features in the room, or all of them. Here are some features our kitchen experts consider when helping clients with kitchen makeovers.

Flooring. Kitchen makeovers may sometimes include new flooring. There are many choices for kitchen flooring, including tile that looks like hardwood, or different tile patterns. Those seeking help with kitchen makeovers will be impressed with the professionals at OC Handycrew and how well-versed they are in flooring choices for this all-important room of your home.

Countertops. When it comes to kitchen makeovers, countertops are an important part of the overall look and feel of the room. There are many options for countertops, but your choice should be one that complements the other larger elements, like the flooring and cabinet faces. Kitchen makeovers that are completed by OC Handycrew experts always include breathtaking countertops that match the ambience of the kitchen perfectly.

Backsplash. Since backsplash is so closely intertwined between the cabinets and countertops, it should accent the desired color scheme and atmosphere. Kitchen makeovers may include backsplash that’s made of tile, marble slabs, or even stainless steel. OC Handycrew professionals that specialize in kitchen makeovers can not only help you to choose the best backsplash for your project, they can also offer expert installation.

Cabinets. All kitchen makeovers don’t need to include the complete replacement of cabinets. Sometimes, the existing cabinets in your kitchen can be painted or stained to complement the features of the new and updated kitchen. A new coat of paint, along with new hardware, can give your present cabinets a brand-new look that’s sure to be an upgrade. With the help of the OC Handycrew professional kitchen makeovers specialists, you’ll have plenty of beautiful cabinet options for your new kitchen.

If you’re considering updating one or all of these features in your kitchen, it’s time to consult an expert. We proudly serve clients in Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Santa Ana, and all surrounding areas. The kitchen makeovers completed by the professionals at OC Handycrew are known to reinvent homes like never before. Interested in a kitchen upgrade? Give us a call today!

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