4 Common Plumbing Repairs

We’ve all been there. You flush the toilet and the water drains and then starts rising, and just doesn’t stop. If you’re lucky, you can act on fast and turn off the water valve before it’s too late and an overflow happens. Other times, it’s too and you have to worry about clean up and possible water damage.

Plumbing repairs are one of the most universally dreaded chores by homeowners, renters and landlords alike. That’s why routine maintenance and plumbing services are always a good idea to keep such mishaps at bay.

Here are some of the most common plumbing repairs that homeowners face:

Leaky Faucets

Drip, drip, drip. No matter how tight you turn the faucet, you still hear the sound. Not only can a dripping faucet grate on your nerves, it can also cost you money since those drips can add up over the long term into hundreds of gallons of water.

One of the main causes of a dripping and leaky faucet is a breakdown in the sealing mechanisms that keep water from coming through the pipes when the faucet is turned off. This allows for small drops of water to pass through the pipes and out of the faucet, into your sink or shower. A professional handyman will have the tools needed to replace and update the washers within the pipes.

Toilet That Keeps Running

Often times a running toilet is the result of a misaligned flapper valve, which is letting water move from the tank to the bowl. A local handyman can easily fix the issues associated with a running toilet by replacing the valve and checking the balance of the float and the integrity of the fill tube.

Clogged Drains

It’s always a good idea to idea to have a plunger around for times when the toilet gets clogged, but sometimes it’s harder to get to the bottom of a clogged sink. If you’ve tried drain cleaners and other chemicals and the problem still persists, it may be time to call your handyman or plumber to assist with more in-depth plumbing services. Slow drains and clogs that take place repeatedly are signs of a bigger problem and should be checked out sooner rather than later.

Leaky Pipes

A leaky pipe can sometimes take a while to detect since the pipes under your sink are often hidden from view. These are some of the worst types of issues if not taken care of quickly because puddles and standing water can lead to water damage. Leaky pips are often caused by aging joints in the pipes. While there are fixes that can be made in the short term, the best course of action is to talk to a plumbing professional who can assess whether the pipe or fittings need to be replaced.

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