4 air conditioning mistakes you can avoid

Are you aware of the quality of the air that you are breathing? Most of us aren’t. We simply let other people install our air conditioning system, enjoy the easy access to hot or cold air flow and completely forget that there are other elements that need to be taken care of. Air conditioning is indeed a gift from the gods, especially if you live in the Orange County and the Los Angeles Area.  However, if you have badly maintained an air-conditioning system in your home or office it can easily become harmful and unhealthy for your environment.  We forget, maintenance and other things which are crucial for fully functional and healthy AC system. We compiled a list of 5 air conditioning mistakes people make and how to avoid them:

  1. Your AC Filters are not frequently changed

Your AC filters on your central air conditioning unit need to be changed once every three months. If you have air conditioning system that is running all the time then the filters should be changed once a month.  Filthy filters can shorten the lifespan of the whole air conditioning system and add additional costs.

What you can do:  Change your filters frequently to avoid additional costs. Replacement filters are cheap. The cost is usually below $10.

  1. Your system is not serviced annually

Your air conditioning system coils and fins need to be cleaned and maintained at least once per year. If you want to keep your AC system running smoothly and efficiently then you must perform servicing procedures.

What you can do: Arrange a professional.

  1. You don’t own automatic thermostat features

If you don’t forget to always adjust the thermostat before you leave the air-conditioned environment, then congrats you don’t need automatic features. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, we are not super humans, and sometimes we forget things. Automatic features can increase the temperature when you are in the air-conditioned environment and lower the temperature when you get out.

What you can do: Ask for a programmable Thermostat from your service provider.

  1. Wrongly positioned thermostat and vents

Misplaced thermostat and vents can greatly damage your air conditioning system and increase your costs for repair. If the thermostat is set directly under sunlight you will have inaccurate information all the time about your temperature. If your vents are placed behind a piece of furniture or curtain the air circulation will be limited therefore it will damage the air conditioning system.

What you can do: Find a quality service provider.

The whole process and the maintenance look time-consuming and complex. Fortunately, with the right service provider, you won’t worry about anything. Our team of professionals at HandyCrew can help you with maintenance and repair services for your air conditioning and heating systems. Our HVAC contractors are available round the clock for free project estimates or appointments.

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