3 Signs It’s Time for a Shower Door Repair

A glass shower door is an elegant addition to a bathroom. While it can be a pain to keep clean, a glass shower door can be the perfect upgrade to your bathroom to make it look updated and open. Having a professional perform a shower door repair when needed is crucial for the life and efficiency of your shower door. So, how do you know if it’s time to call an expert at OC Handycrew for a shower door repair? Here are three tell-tale signs to consider.

The hardware is looking rusty. Hardware that has rusted may stop working at any moment. It can easily set your shower door off track, or make it harder to open and close the door. If rusty hardware is ignored, a door can stop closing at the correct angle, which can cause a compromised door seal, or even glass breakage. If you notice rusty hardware, you should call a shower door repair specialist at OC Handycrew as soon as possible.

You notice cracks in the glass. Cracks in the glass of your shower door should be taken seriously. The integrity of the glass has been compromised and an accidental door slam may be all that’s needed for the entire door to come crashing down. This shower door repair may need complete glass replacements, or our expert repairperson may find a way to fix the chip or crack. If you notice a crack in your shower door glass, it is important to contact OC Handycrew so we can send out a shower door repair professional right away.

The door isn’t closing properly or makes noise. A shower door that is squeaking or isn’t closing in the proper way needs a shower door repair. The effectiveness of the glass door’s waterproof seal simply won’t work if the door isn’t lining up correctly, which can lead to a wet mess on the floor of the bathroom. Any noise or improper closing indicates there is a problem with the hardware or hinge of the door. An OC Handycrew shower door repair specialist can quickly and easily fix your door so it’s back to its full functioning capability.

Our shower door repair experts at OC Handycrew proudly serve residents in Anaheim, Newport Coast, Los Alamitos, and all surrounding areas. If your shower door isn’t up to par, give us a call today!

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