3 Reasons Door Replacement is a Crucial Investment

Your front door is the first thing people see when they approach your home. While it’s something many residents don’t think about, your front door is not only important for curb appeal, it’s also a security feature, and helps with home insulation. Door replacement is necessary for homeowners to consider when the front door doesn’t seem to be functioning properly or isn’t meeting their family’s needs. Our OC Handycrew door replacement experts are always happy to show homeowners just how much a front door can change the look of their home’s exterior. Not sure if a new front door is important for your home right now? Here are three reasons door replacement is a crucial investment for your home.

It offers better home security. If you’ve always felt your front door is a bit flimsy, or doesn’t have enough security protection, a door replacement can change all that. New front doors offer solid home protection, including peep holes, smaller windows, upgraded locks with keypads, and advanced deadbolts. Many families who get their door replaced have agreed that they now feel safer and more secure with a new front door.

You’ll experience more energy efficiency. If you can see light coming through the sides of your front door, it may be time for a door replacement. Outside air, whether cold or hot, can easily seep through these cracks, making your air conditioner or heater have to work overtime. Your power bill will definitely suffer if your front door doesn’t have a good seal or enough insulation to keep the outside air from flowing in. A new door can ensure the comfortable indoor air will stay in without taxing your energy bill.

Your home will get a curb appeal upgrade. Door replacement is a project few homeowners give much thought to, but once it’s completed, the home’s exterior feels completely transformed. Older homes’ front doors have been around for years and can take a beating. Fading, dents, discoloration, and grime are usually present on a front door that hasn’t been replaced in a while. A front door replacement gives your home a shiny new façade and contributes greatly to its curb appeal.

Considering a door replacement for your home? At OC Handycrew, we provide service to Anaheim, Laguna Hills, Dove Canyon, and all surrounding areas. Give us a call today for a free door replacement estimate!

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