3 Reasons to Consider a Roof Cleaning

When you think of taking good care of your roof, you probably think about replacing shingles, repairing weak areas, or even painting on a sealant. Did you know a good roof cleaning can make a huge difference in the performance and life of your roof? Homeowners may only look at roof cleaning as a way to increase the aesthetic value of their home, but it can do so much more than that. The experts at OC Handycrew perform roof cleanings for customers and they’re blown away by the difference this simple job can make. Here are three reasons you should consider roof cleaning in the near future for your home.

It can make your homeowner’s insurance company happy. Roofs that have algae buildup are frowned upon by homeowner’s insurance companies. There’s more of a likelihood of roof failure or a decreased life for the roof materials. If your homeowner’s insurance company makes periodic exterior home inspections on their clients’ homes, or you’re thinking of switching companies, a roof cleaning may be well worth it. A clean roof will keep your company happy, or ensure your acceptance with a new insurance company.

It gives your home more curb appeal. It’s obvious that a dirty and discolored roof can make your home also look less appealing. A roof cleaning can give your home a shiny brand new look that makes the curb appeal increase tenfold. Our OC Handycrew customers are always shocked at how beautiful their home looks after we’ve performed a thorough roof cleaning. If you’re thinking of selling your home or just want to improve its appearance, a roof cleaning is the way to go.

It extends the life of your roof. Mildew or algae buildup can weigh down your roof materials, causing premature damage. The life of your roof is greatly decreased if your roof has a buildup of any of these kinds of dirt and grime. These types of dirt also contain microscopic organisms that feed off your roof materials. Little by little, your shingles or clay tiles are being absorbed by the organisms. Their structure is compromised and in time, they don’t provide your home much protection. A roof cleaning can destroy all these organisms and give your roof materials life again.

OC Handycrew professionals proudly serve Santa Ana, Portola Hills, Seal Beach, and all surrounding areas. If you want to give your home a new look and save your roof materials, give us a call for a roof cleaning today!

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