3 Questions to Ask Fence Contractors

Building a new fence or replacing an old one can be a detailed and time-consuming job. Homeowners who are brave enough to take this project on by themselves soon find that it may have been more beneficial to hire fence contractors to complete the work.

The fence contractors here at OC Handycrew have experience with many different types of fence materials and can make fence installation a quick, professional, and painless process for our clients. If you’re considering different fence contractors in the area, here are three questions you should ask before considering them for hire.

  1. Do you have testimonials from previous clients? Fence contractors that are not willing and able to show you testimonials, photos of past work, or online reviews of their services are a red flag. It brings up the issue that they possibly have bad reviews or have done shoddy work in the past that simply can’t be endorsed by their former clients. It may also mean that they don’t have any previous clients and therefore, have no previous experience.

The fence contractors at OC Handycrew have many positive testimonials from past clients, as well as years of experience installing and repairing fencing. We love to show off pictures of our past work and stellar testimonials from past clients.

  1. Do you have a license and insurance? Believe it or not, there are many fence contractors operating in the state that have no license or insurance to do so. If something goes wrong, as a client, you could have a tough time getting your money back or getting the issue resolved.

At the OC Handycrew, we carry all the licenses and insurance needed to operate legally in the state. We’re always happy to share this information with any potential client who asks.

  1. Do you offer an estimate? If you hire fence contractors to build, repair, or replace your fence and they don’t first present a detailed estimate and timeline, have them seize work immediately. These contractors could easily overcharge or take an exorbitant amount of time to complete the work.

An estimate is like a promise made to the customer. At OC Handycrew, our fence contractors explain the estimate and time of completion with the client to be sure they agree before starting work.

We proudly serve clients in Irvine, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, and all surrounding areas. Looking for a reliable and experienced fence contractor? Give us a call today!

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